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Not Sure Where To Go? Check Our Favourite Places

Not Sure Where To Go? Check Our Favourite Places

One of the most common remarks we get from guests about our location is just how perfectly situated the apartments are for hiking. On a summer’s day in Sørvågen, it can be close to impossible to get convenient parking to set off on your adventure. Guests at Lofotlove just have to walk out the front door!

The island of Moskenesøy is home to some of the most beautiful hikes in Norway. Here’s an overview of our favourites. We have included short descriptions to help you choose the best hike for you.

Hikes from Sørvågen:


Difficulty: Medium – Difficult

Type: Out-and-back

Total distance: 5.7 km

Climb: 600m

What to love:

Tindstinden is one of Sørvågen’s iconic peaks and is one of the more popular hikes in the area. This hike is of the “hard and fast” kind. It can be done in 2-3 hours depending on fitness and time spent at the summit. During the hike, you can enjoy nice views back over the village. Once you reach the ridge, just below the summit, there are spectacular views over the village of Å and Ågvatnet, the wilderness of Lofotodden National Park and the islands of Møsken and Væroy in the distance.

The trail starts from the main trailhead just outside the village. Between the lower lake (Sørvågvatnet) and the higher drinking water lake (Stuvdalsvatnet) there are several paths to wander through the area so don’t worry too much about which exact path you take. There is a small wooden bridge to cross the river below the waterfall.

When you reach the second lake stay left (or south) of the shores, cross another larger bridge and from there follow the path up.

Early sections of this hike are very muddy and slippery so take your time here. Closer to the top (between 300 and 400m)  there is an option to take a trail to the left and avoid the more exposed section along the ridge. Continuing on the main trail goes directly to the ridge. There is one section of this trail that has a rope installed to help with a short and steep scramble

We think that the ridge is as good a place to turn around as the summit – many people do this to avoid the scary last section. The views from both the ridge and the summit are magnificent!


Difficulty: Medium

Type: Out-and-back

Total distance: 9.8 km

Climb: 620m

What to love:

The Munkebu hike is one of the most popular hikes in Sørvågen, and for good reason! This beautiful and dynamic hike is one of our firm favourites. While there are challenging sections, it is more changeable than Tindstinden so there are more chances to catch your breath again!

The trail starts at the Sørvågen trailhead, reachable from the paths either side of Sørvågvatnet. When you reach the drinking water lake (Stuvdalsvatnet), stay right. The trail follows the eastern shore of this lake all the way to the north east corner (at this point there is a small trail leading to a private cabin – if you end up here turn back and follow the trail at the lake for another few minutes).

After you round the corner of the lake, the Munkebu trail separates steeply to the right. This is clearly marked with a signpost. From here the trail is clear and relatively easy to follow. There are a few sections with metal chains to help you on steep bare rock. The trail continues above the third lake (Tridalsvatnet) and then turns right for a steep section by a waterfall. After this the worst is over! Enjoy amazing views of Djupfjorden to the south-east and Tennesvatnet to the north-west as you make your way to the Munkebu cabin.

The cabin is only open to members of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) so you cannot enter without membership and a booking (usually well in advance). While the cabin is a nice turnaround spot, it is not necessary to reach it. If you don’t want to spend 5+ hours in the mountains, we still recommend this trail but suggest you pick your own turnaround spot or time.


Difficulty: Medium – Difficult

Type: Out-and-back

Total distance: 12.8 km

Climb: 1100 m

What to love:

To reach the grand summit of Munken, hike as far as the Munkebu hut and continue from there.

There are numerous trails around the hut and small lake so pick which one looks best to you, heading around the west side of the lake and up behind it. The trail from Munkebu to Munken is well defined but steep. The views from Munken on a clear day are some of the best in Lofoten.

Merraflestinden / Gylttinden / Kollfjellet

Difficulty: Medium

Type: Loop or out-and-back

Total distance: 8-9 km

Climb: ≤900 m

What to love:

This is a hiking option that is a bit more off the beaten path. While you are still likely to meet a few fellow nature lovers on this route in summer, it is much quieter than Tindstinden or Munkebu. This route can also be a hiking “pick and mix”. The longest option is about 9km and includes all 3 summits but you can decide to do just one or two of them if you prefer.

Follow the trail for Munkebu but while you are walking along the eastern shore of the drinking water lake (Stuvdalsvatnet) keep a close eye on a trail heading off to your right. You will find it on the flat section among the cabins or hytter. If you get to the north east corner of the lake you have missed it.

Follow this trail through the wooded area for a steep climb. You will emerge to an open area, continue until you come to the saddle or high point above Moskenesvatnet. From here you can take a trail to the right to summit Kollfjellet.

There is an option to continue back towards Sørvågen from the summit of Kollfjellet (a total hike of 4 km).

To do the full loop, continue from Kollfjellet around the east of Moskenesvatnet and onwards. The ground gets pretty wet beyond the lake so you can really put your shoes to the test.  The trail reaches a junction at the ridge below Gylttinden. You can turn right for a short but difficult climb to the summit of Gylttinden and retrace your step back to the junction or turn left and continue to Merraflestinden. Both options give wonderful views of Djupfjorden and enough of an adrenaline rush for us! Summiting Gylttinden involves following a steep but clear path with some scrambling – it leaves our hearts pounding!

Summiting Merraflestinden and returning via it’s ridge gives awesome views over Tridalsvatnet and the mountains beyond. You might spot some hikers heading to Munkebu on the trail below.