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Home gym

Even though not all of our Lofoten apartments have the luxury of a separate gym.

By choosing another one of our properties you can still reap the benefits of exercise with a little help from our home training rental service. Stay active and stick to your routine whilst doing exercise you enjoy in the comfort of your own space.

Practice your downward dog

Make time for yourself to reflect inward and practice yoga without having to pack all the essentials you may need to make the most of your flow. We can provide a cork yoga set that includes a mat, yoga blocks, massage ball and yoga straps.

Space-saving training

Even with our small properties and studio spaces, you can continue to strength train with our resistance bands. We can provide multiple sizes and strengths alongside a mat for a thorough, full body workout.

Stick to your routine

Despite being away from home in the wintery north of Norway, you can continue to strength train with a little assistance from our hireable dumbbell sets. Adjustable in weight for the ultimate session, when hired we also provide a training mat.

All-weather walker

Don’t let bad weather deter you from getting your steps in. Our hireable walking pads allow you to go for a walk whilst you stay warm, dry and catch up on your favourite TV show.