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Our story

A nomad’s haven in an awe-inspiring landscape, Lofotlove is a place where you can be playful, creative, do fun stuff and enjoy supreme comfort at the same time. Lofoten accommodation isn’t just a bed – it’s a place that offers everything you need to explore, relax, hike, fish and work.

I’m Joanna and many years ago I left Poland in search of something a little more exciting than the repetitive job I worked at the time and found myself here – in the breathtaking north of Norway.

Together, Roger – a thirtieth-generation fisherman from the north and I – a cello player from Warsaw, decided we made the perfect team to fish, explore, renovate houses and travel together in Lofoten – a place that is traditional and rugged yet striking and peaceful.

We live the ultimate modern nomad lifestyle. We don’t really have one place to stay – we are here, there and everywhere. We may be 1000km north fishing one week and the next we are hiking in picturesque locations somewhere else. But because we move so much, we know how painful – and beautiful – it can be to be a modern nomad. We, like many, love our toys, gadgets, products and hobbies – all of which create a mountain of things that become pretty tricky to carry around. And finding Lofoten lodgings that provided everything we needed in one, accessible place proved to be a hard task.

That’s why we started Lofotlove – to create our dream place to stay whilst travelling. We have houses and apartments crafted to provide an experience suited for every traveller; for the remote worker looking for a quiet escape; those excited to get a taste of arctic fishing; the adventurous explorer wanting to see the rugged landscape; or for the individual looking to relax and recoup away from the hustle of normal life.

And we know arriving in a new place can be a little daunting – there are rules to learn and lots of things to discover – but we’re here to help every step of the way. Previous guests like to call Lofotlove “Joanna’s Apartments” because you can count on us to be your virtual guide throughout your stay.

We look forward to welcoming you to the north of Norway on this exhilarating adventure and we hope you enjoy exploring, relaxing or working in our cosy home-from-home hidden in the heart of Lofoten.


PS: If you happen to message us when we’re out on the sea it can take some time before we answer. But worry not! Your patience will be rewarded. Just say a word and we’ll send you couple of photos from where we are now!