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Home office

Work from the north of Norway with confidence, knowing you have a good WIFI connection, a comfy office space and access to printers, scanners or extra screens.

At Lofotlove we offer everything you need to seamlessly integrate your at-home office space to one of our apartments, your home in the north.

Look after your posture

Hire an adjustable desk to work sitting down or whilst standing and create a designated work area to help aid productivity despite being away from home.

Comfort is key

Paired with our sit-stand desk, we also have a comfy office chair available to hire for the ideal, complete workspace.

Productivity essentials

Travelling with a laptop and leaving your organised, desktop set-up at home can be quite frustrating – extra screen space is sometimes essential.

We offer a computer screen to hire to combat this stress and ensure your work continues uninterrupted.

Office extras

We can also provide access to a printer or scanner so no work task will be left incomplete.

Home office package

Home-office package is available for stays longer than 2 weeks.

Walk whilst you work

break up the day or walk whilst you work with a walking pad that can fit under our adjustable desk, benefitting posture and mood.